Loaded Fries Return!

Yes, you heard right! One of Abrakebabra’s most popular ranges, Loaded Fries is back!

This is a new spin on the 2016 range. It is inspired by and includes the Original Taco Fries, made of Abrakebabra signature seasoned fries, topped with 100% Irish Taco-spiced beef, grated cheddar cheese and their legendary Taco sauce, created by Abrakebabra in 1982. 

The Loaded Fries range also consists of Rodeo Fries, with beer battered onion rings, bacon bits, BBQ sauce and cool sour cream, topped with spring onion. The Katsu Fries, with chicken dippers, Katsu curry sauce, topped with spring onion. The Aussie Fries, with chicken dippers, sweet chilli sauce and sour cream topped with spring onion. The C.B.G Fries, exactly what it says on the tin – C for cheese, B for bacon and G for Abrakebabra’s famously garlic sauce. The Porkie Fries, pulled pork, crispy onion strings and BBQ sauce. Each Loaded Fries option made and prepared fresh to order.

Customers are now invited to taste the Loaded Fries range at any Abrakebabra nationwide for just €5.50, which also includes any regular drink. One can also ‘go large’ for an extra €1. Loaded Fries, hailed by The Daily Edge as, simply, ‘delish’, have sparked many a debate in Irish media about which toppings are best and the debate is still ongoing today.

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