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Established in December 1982 within the vibrant streets of Rathmines, Dublin, Abrakebabra has evolved into a beloved brand, delighting customers across the island of Ireland with its diverse offerings. With over 30 locations and counting, our restaurants cater to various settings, from bustling High Streets to convenient Shopping Centres, ensuring a wide array of choices for today's discerning consumer.

At Abrakebabra, we pride ourselves on our mouthwatering selection of Kebabs, Burgers, Baguettes, Loaded Fries, and more. From timeless classics like the Doner Kebab and Taco Fries to innovative creations such as Loaded Fries and Nude Kebabs, our culinary journey spans over 38 years of bold flavors and culinary excellence.

From timeless classics like the Doner Kebab and Taco Fries to innovative creations such as Loaded Fries and Nude Kebabs...

  • Established Brand: Instant recognition nationwide.
  • Expert Support Team: Benefit from dedicated, experienced professionals.
  • Purchasing Power: Access to a vast network of suppliers.
  • Prime Retail Opportunities: Assistance in identifying and securing ideal locations.
  • Comprehensive Marketing: Progressive national and local campaigns.
  • Guidance Every Step: From property acquisition to ongoing operational support.

Central to Abrakebabra's remarkable growth is our unwavering commitment to support. Our seasoned team stands by each franchisee, offering guidance in Site Selection & Survey, Store Design, Construction, Purchasing, Hiring, Operations, Health & Safety, Marketing and beyond.

As a proud member of the AlL Group, alonqside esteemed brands like O'Briens Cafe, Bagel Factory, and Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), we leverage over 40 years of franchise industry expertise to ensure the seamless rollout of every franchise.

Testimonials from franchisees like Denis and Breda from Limerick underscore the unparalleled advantages of partnering with Abrakebabra.
Their success story spanning nearly a quarter-century, speak volumes about our brand's enduring appeal and unwavering support

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Abrakebabra?

We invite passionate individuals with the requisite experience and resources to join us as multi-unit franchisees in our exciting expansion.

Since 1982 we have sliced over 40,000km of Doner, enough to go around the world!

Interested in becoming an Abrakebabra franchisee?

Abrakebabra would like to hear from interested parties who believe they have the experience and resources required to join in our successful expansion as multi-unit franchisees.

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