Doritos Abra Taco Nachos

Doritos Abra Taco Nachos

NEW AT ABRAKEBABRA- Presenting ‘Doritos® Abra Taco Nachos’

It might just be perfect the food combination; ‘Doritos® Abra Taco Nachos’ in one tasty dish

Abrakebabra has just introduced  ‘Doritos® Abra Taco Nachos’ to its menu, a tasty new revolutionary dish incorporating the perfect mix of 100% Irish beef taco, melted cheese and Doritos into one enticing meal. 

The new ‘Doritos® Abra Taco Nachos’ come in two options to suit your palate – choose from a hotbed of Doritos Chilli Heatwave or Doritos Tangy Cheese, both creating a different experience for the ultimate loaded nachos.

Abrakebabra, Ireland’s much-loved restaurants and takeaways, have joined forces with global brand Doritos, and together have collaborated closely on creating this exciting new taste sensation.  

Doritos® Abra Taco Nachos involve a decadent layer of Doritos that come in your flavour of choice, topped with Abrakebabra’s signature taco beef, legendary taco sauce and cheddar cheese topping.  

It’s crunch time at Abrakebabra with the glorious ‘Doritos® Abra Taco Nachos’ and this exciting new addition to their menu, which is sure to have the nation coming back for more.
Available now from Abrakebabra restaurants nationwide. 

Price €5.60 

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