Colin Farrell reveals his exclusive Abra Black Card on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Colin Farrell's Abrakebabra Black Card on Jimmy Kimmel

Once again Colin Farrell chose to showcase his love of Abrakebabra rather than discuss his film role with Jimmy Kimmel, in this case Colin is set to play The Penguin in the upcoming film, The Batman.

Colin revealed that as he “basically took [Abrakebabra] international” and is now the proud owner of the only Abrakebabra Black Card in existence. “The pope doesn’t have a black card”.

After being asked did he want to see it a laughing Jimmy asked “You actually carry it with you?” before showing off the ABRA Black Card to the audience.

Kimmel read out the back of the Abrakebabra card which says “Absolutely no restrictions apply to Colin Farrell the original gold card holder.”

Colin who proudly keeps the card in his wallet at all times went on to say “I was so charmed by that I can’t tell you how giddy I was when that came in the post.”

You can see the full interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube channel here: