Colin Farrell discusses his legendary Abra Gold Card with Jimmy Kimmel!

Colin Farrell spent time talking to Jimmy Kimmel about his latest role in Disney’s live action Dumbo on the popular late night US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During the interview Jimmy asked Colin about his favourite thing to do when he gets home to Ireland. Farrell responded fondly with “I have a kebab shop that I go to. A place called Abrakebabra that’s getting great press.”

Kimmel didn’t believe the Dubliner at first “Oh come on, that’s really a name?” forcing Colin to reply “What the f***? It’s a cultural flagship in my country man, it’s a huge franchise.”

Colin continues to explain Abrakebabra to a bewildered Jimmy “I have a gold card, you get free kebabs for life. I was the first to get a gold card, they did it for me.”

Finally Colin finishes his praise for Abrakebabra with “I’ve been on this press tour selling Dumbo but sure I’ve only sold Abrakebabra much more than I’ve sold that beautiful film by Tim Burton. They’re now inventing a black card, I got a text this week”.

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Colin Farrell is on @jimmykimmel talking about @Abrakebabra and I honestly couldn’t be prouder to be Irish.— Donie O’Sullivan (@donie) March 29, 2019

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